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Andromeda Black
28 December
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General Information
Name: Andromeda Black
Date of birth: December 28th
House: Slytherin
Blood Status (Pureblood, Half-blood, Muggle-born, etc): Pureblood
Physical description: I'm a nice height, somewhere in between Bella and Cissa, with smooth, pale skin (I'm a Black, what do you expect?), relatively slim and lithe body, and dark hair, though not as dark as Bella's. I've got a set of gray eyes similar to Sirius's, and full lips.

First impression (others have of you): I'm sure most people think I'm going to be like any other Black (or at least, similar to Bella): cold, snobby, etc., but you'll find that I can be sweet and kind. I'm different, though, compared to most of my family, which you'll find when I express my opinions.
General personality traits: I'm not a quick one to judge, and I think that there's a good in everyone. I'm kind, and I'll listen to your problems. I really love to help people when in need. I'm studious and I'll work hard when I really want something accomplished.
Likes: Ted Tonks, inter-house unity, elegance, chocolate covered strawberries, ball room dancing, long walks in Hogsmeade with a warm butter beer afterwards, the library when sparsley filled, Muggle-made things
Dislikes: People who automatically judge me because of my surname and the House I'm in, Mother's cooking, must and dirty places, firewhiskey, rude names
Extracurricular Activities: Maybe it's from hanging out with Sirius when we were younger, but I'm a fair flier, the Potion Brewing Club
Personal Weakness(es): Chocolate (though I'm sure all girls agree)! Tea, people who let me express my opinions without interrupting and can stand up to my parents, and romantic boys who make me go all gushy inside
Personal Strength(s): I'm quite level-headed (the three C's: calm, cool and collected), and not very dramatic. I can stay focused, and make logical decisions, making me quite studious.
Close Friendships: Naturally, Bella and Cissa. I'm also close with my favorite cousin, Sirius. It appears that he's about the only one in my family who can actually understand me. Ted Tonks and I are close -- we're engaged, much to my family's horror! I get along with most people, actually -- Slytherin House or not.
Truth or Dare?: Truth. I always think the truth is best, no matter how horrible it may be.
Share a secret: I hate my family, except for my sisters (how could I *hate* them?) I suppose that doesn't come as much of a secret, though, now does it? But I know I'm not alone in this sense.

Family History
Parents: are sometimes a nightmare for me. Always telling me the right thing to do, and how I should act more like Bella in order to be a proper Black. I call them the tyrants (of course, never to their face), but others call them Drusella Rosier & Cygnus Black.
Siblings: Bella and Cissa, my two sisters, who look like polar opposites. They both have their charms, and they're both very different from me, but naturally, they're lovely for the most part.
Tell us, in a paragraph, what it was like growing up with your family: Ever since I was young, it was always about manners and preachings about how wrong the Muggles and Mudbloods were; very nauseating. I was often teased by Bella, who was adored by Narcissa. My parents are strict, though not as bad as Aunt Walburga or Uncle Orion. But later on, things got better. I learned the right things to say and how to act properly around my parents and relatives, which let me off the hook for many punishments. I was hard working and always helped Mother. Then I began to formulate my own opinions, which is why I suppose I haven't turned out like a normal Black typically does.